Terex Explorer 5800 - Multimech Heavy Equipment, UAE

Incorporating a 5-axle, all wheel steer carrier that is just 13.2 m (43.3 ft) long and 3 m (9.8 ft) wide, the world’s first Explorer 5800 all terrain crane was configured with a 10 x 8 x 10 drive steer option and a 70 m (229.7 ft) 5-section boom. Alternatively, boom off and dolly configurations are available for the USA, Canada, Norway, Australia and Japan.

The crane is designed so that the 70.2 t (77.4 USt) counterweight can be automatically rigged -18.7 t (20.6 USt) can be carried and complies with the UK’s STGO abnormal load regulations – and no additional part is wider than 2.5 m (8.2 ft) to optimize transport. The crane carries a 21 m (69 ft) 2-piece main boom extension and enjoys the benefit of an 8.4 m (27.6 ft) outrigger spread with four positions to extend versatility.

A major new feature of the Terex Explorer 5800 crane is the single engine concept. Powered by a Scania 405kw/550hp engine complying with Euromot Stage IV/US EPA Tier 4F directives, the crane employs the latest engine management system to enhance performance for both road travel and lifting. Fuel efficiency is provided using stop/start technology and engine remapping depending on what type of operation is being performed, lifting or travelling.

The latest Terex IC-1 touch screen control system, along with radio remote control, makes rigging and on-site operation safe and efficient. The control system provides the operator with accurate load moment measurements and wind speeds and simplifies the way the crane operates when handling even the most demanding of lifts. Designed to operate globally, the system includes 14 pre-programmed languages.

Also new is the 2.85 m (9.35 ft) walk-through carrier cabin with air conditioning, which is ergonomically designed to enhance the operator’s day-to-day experience. A powerful hydraulic system in the upper cabin allows up to four simultaneous working movements via two, 2-axis pilot controlled joysticks that can be programmed to accommodate up to three different operators.

The Terex Explorer 5800 – Ready for the World

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