Doosan Diesel 20 Tonnes

Model : DV200 S-7


Product Concept

Superb productivity – due to the use of a new generation engine and the excellent synchronisation of the drive train with the hydraulics system.
Excellent economics – and increased comfort and excellent all-round visibility ensuring safe and pleasant working conditions.
Rugged reliability – through the use of higher performance new materials, the development of new computer – assisted structural design techniques and by intensive and systematic test programs.
All Combing to increase the life of vital components and reduce maintenance.
Reduced maintenance – increasing uptime and reducing operating costs.

Main Features

Well selected components and engines that deliver high torque at low rpm.
– Powerful low emission engines provide high torque at low revs, reduce fuel consumption,
and meet current environmental requirements.
The trucks have well-tested load-sensing hydraulics that provide increased efficiency and better performance.
The cabins of our trucks are probably the best on the market, with unbeatable comfort, visibility, and ergonomics.
Box-type chassis and I-beam type steer axle is the strongest in the market ; providing greater lifting capacity.
Quick change system for different forks, coilrams or attachments .Offers unique flexibility and greater efficiency,
for all load types, including steel, wood, paper, and containers.
Remote fan which is able to reverse for cleaning the radiator core. Fan speed is controlled by oil temperature.

Main Specifications

Sales Model Unit DV200S-7
Tires number of front/rear 4/2
size: front 12.00×20
size: rear 12.00×20
Wheel base mm 3750
Tread front/rear mm 1858/1976
Ground clearance Loaded at the lowest point mm 210
Loaded at the center of wheelbase mm 325
Brakes service brake Foot/ODB
parking brake Electric/Hydraulic
Sales Model Unit DV200S-7
Lift with STD max fork height with rated load mm 3500(STD)
two-stage mast free lift mm Zero
Forks thickness x width x length mm 100x250x2400
Forkspacing minimum x maximum mm 700-2394
Tilt of mast forward/backward deg 10/10
Overall length without forks mm 5580
dimensions width mm 2540
mast lowered height 3485
mast extended height 3500
overhead guard height 2930
seat height 1800
Outside turning radius mm 5120
LMC (from center of front wheel to fork face) mm 1000
90˚stacking aisle add load length and clearance mm 8720
90˚intersecting aisle mm 4690
Sales Model Unit DV200S-7
Battery voltage/capacity V/AH 24 (12×2)/100
Engine manufacturer/model Doosan/DL08
rated output (at rpm) ps/rpm 254/2100
max. torque (at rpm) kg.m/rpm 102/1400
cylinders/cycle/displacement cc 4/6/7640
Fuel Tank 270
Transmission type AUTOMATIC
no. speeds forward/reverse 3/3
Operating pressure system/attachment bar 235/180
Sales Model Unit DV200S-7
Speeds travel, loaded/unloaded km/hr 32/38
lift, loaded/unloaded mm/s 380/410
lowering, loaded/unloaded mm/s 400/350
Nom.drawbar pull at 1.6 km/h, loaded kg 14528
Gradeability at 1.6 km/h, loaded % 31
Sales Model Unit DV200S-7
Total weight unloaded kg 25838
Axle load with load (front/rear) kg 40705/3133
without load (front/rear) kg 12145/13693

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