Doosan 1.5 Tonnes | B131516R5 4Wheel 1T Series

Our Doosan design team focused on performance, productivity and energy efficiency in developing our new B/BC18S PRO5 series.
By providing full AC control of both drive a hydraulic systems, these units provide the following productivity package advantages.

Product Concept

  • Faster travel and lift speeds to ensure peak performance.
  • Energy consumption efficiency that translates into more run time per battery charge.
  • Closed loop speed control system that maintains consistent operating speeds whether truck is loaded or not
  • Easily programmable performance selection that optimizes productivity while conserving energy.
  • Enhanced driver awareness of all operating and performance characteristics of the machine to enable ongoing productive operation throughout the shift.
  • Reduced operating costs achieved by the elimination of motor brushes, commutators, directional and; hydraulic contactors which reduces maintenance and increases uptime.

Main Features

  • DOOSAN Exclusive ACT (Active Control Technology).
  • Operator-Centric Performance Selection.
  • More Work per Battery Charge (Intelligent Torque Control).
  • Intelligent Instrument and Control Panel.
  • Spacious Operator Compartment.
  • High Visibility Overhead Guard and Front-end.
  • Steering Angle Sensor.
  • Deluxe Suspension Seat with OSS (Operator Sensing System).
  • Finger-tip Controlled Hydraulic Control Valve(Optional).
  • Maintenance Free Electric Motors.
  • Run Time and Trouble shooting Diagnostics.
  • Oil- Cooled Disc Brakes.
  • Monitoring and maintenance are based on a User friendly interface with service program.
  • Rugged and Durable Transaxle windows.
  • AC Controller has power to spare.

General Specifications

Sales Model Unit B15S-5 B18S-5
Rated Load Capacity kg 1500 1750
Load Center mm 500 500
Truck Overall Width W mm 1090 1090
Overall Length to Fork Face L mm 1970 2020
Height of Overhead Guard H mm 2120 2120
Minimum Turning Radius R mm 1825 1855
Wheelbase mm 1250 1250
Travel Speed, Loaded km/h 17 17
Lifting Speed, Loaded mm/s 400 400
Drive Motor (1 Hour rating) kw 10 10
Hydraulic Motor (15% Duty) kw 12 12
Battery Compartment Sizes(W x L x H) mm 1010 x 727 x 47 1010 x 727 x 47
System Voltage V 48
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