1.5 to 2 T Reach Truck | J5

Doosan Industrial Vehicle PRO 5 series offers both reliable and high quality products to its users. The PRO 5 series has been developed based on Doosan’s five ‘S’ core competencies of operator preference and performance: Strong, Safe, Stable, Smart and Stylish.

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Product Concepts

Strong : Reliable Components, Powerful Performance
Safe : Exclusive ODB Brakes, Ultimate Operating Safety Features
Stable : High Residual Capacities, Smooth and Stable Operation
Smart : Easy to Operate, Maximized Operator Comfort
Stylish : Modern and Neat Appearance and Advanced Color Coordination

Main Features

  • Doosan’s design breakthrough takes AC technology a step beyond conventional forklifts by introducing AC power and efficiency on both drive and hydraulic motors.
  • Compact and high powered reach trucks of 1.3 ton up to 1.8 ton capacity offer fast response, easy operation and smooth load handling for high-density warehouse handling efficiency.
  • DOOSAN’S goal is to make your material handling operation both efficient and profitable.

General Specifications

Sales Model Unit BR13J-5 BR15J-5 BR18J-5
Rated Load Capacity kg 1250 1500 1800
Fork length mm 500 500 500
Overall Length to Fork Face mm 1700 1800 1950
Truck Overall Width mm 1070 1070 1070
Height of Overhead Guard mm 2170 2170 2170
Minimum Turning Radius mm 1585 1685 1835
Travel Speed, Loaded (36/48V) km/h 12 12 12
Lifting Speed, Loaded (36/48V) mm/s 430 400 340
Wheel Base mm 1350 1450 1600

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